This world is not for long, the evidence is clear
The growth and colorization of our sun has made it dangerous here

Everyone will die! Our time to act is nigh…
My calculations are verified, I’ve checked them over

Your lies will incite a war!

We’re running out of time…

Take this creep out of here before I kill him myself
I swear that his lies keep becoming like that of a circus clown!

Send me away from here, I won’t stay and watch you die
The sun’s bewitched your mind and it’s making you blunder

I’ll leave nice and peacefully without saying a word
Let the Universe carry me where it may…

Get your shit and get the fuck out of here!

Get your ass out that fucking door!
We don’t want to hear your lies no more!
Don’t let him out of your sight until he’s out of this world!

I’ll leave knowing I did all that I could

You’ll leave knowing that things stay as they should

I can’t believe I’m leaving home all by myself
Someone please feed my fish and water all my weed
Think I’ll take some with…



Music written by Matt Grosse, Tom Dilliplane, James Rivera, Justin Brown
Lyrics by Mark David
Leads by Rob Covello – (*1:50 – 2:12 *Harmony, 3:47 – 4:01)

All Album and Lyric Artwork by Brittany Habelitz