Today is a lovely day to go walk alone in the park
A sky so blue and not one single cloud to see at all
Such a wonderful day, such a glorious start
Who would ever guess it could take such a fall?
Disturb the hornets, they’ll answer the call

A faint buzzing starts to build up in your ears
Louder and louder until it’s the only thing you hear
Don’t run away for it will only bring them near
Chills run down your spine with fear

Their sting is like a needle in disguise

It’s time for a little payback
Something that they’ll never forget
Every little thing that moves they will attack
For those who have fallen this is the Hornets’ Revenge

Cover all the Earth and mark their skin for all to see
Tattoo their entire body and give your scraps to the honeybees

One prick is never enough, these mother fuckers are tough
Make their appendages swell, tell them all they could go to hell
And then we will inherit all the land, and all the pollen, and the sand until they all come again

Now the winter comes
And we have no warmth from the sun
Our queen will sleep until it’s all done

Come Spring we’ll start again
A vicious cycle that has no end
Right now it’s us or them
Heed the message that we send
Our collective lives defend
Until the last of us ascends…

Take their RAID and stick it up their ass
Our victory soon will come to pass

Our numbers make it more than fair
Against their size how could you compare?
Dare to defy the hive?
We’ll overwhelm those who would even try
For our brethren, whom we hope to avenge
Take comfort from the Hornets’ Revenge…


Music written by Matt Grosse, Tom Dilliplane
Lyrics by Mark David

Leads by Rob Covello (2:11 - 2:23, 4:17 - 4:39)

Hornet Art by Brittany Habelitz, Cover Design by David Elliott III