I’m drifting into an endless slumber
One in which no alarm can wake
Deep breaths, I’m slipping under
My uneasiness is hard to shake

Before I nod off completely
Some images of haunting memories fill my waking dreams…

The last thing I can recall before my eyes start closing
Is one of free-falling into a deep and blackened sea
The water’s so cold, it takes your breath away

For a fleeting moment all is calm and quite serene
Soaked in majestic beauty, phosphorescent lights start shimmering
As they start to glow, their dance reveals a horrific scene…

Blindly chomping aimlessly seemingly to be coming right towards me…it can’t be!
Help me! Please help me before it gets me!

Paralyzed by the fear that’s gripping me
I’m still in shock from what I’m seeing right in front of me
Demonic apparition? Surely this cannot be…
Here’s the encounter, creature upon me. Shredding, tearing, limb from limb
Crimson in the water, left here in the deep end, no arms, no legs, I can’t swim
In a frenzy to devour, it chews my debris, intent to consume, my outlook’s grim
Choking on screams as it picks me clean, it’s apparent to me my survival’s slim

Faced with the fact of my gruesome ending, my thoughts search for meaning and comprehending
How am I supposed to process an entire lifetime in but a moment?

Open my eyes, I’m still in the dark…
Inexplicably whole once again
Frantically seeking an answer to if I’m alive
And if so,

will this nightmare ever end?

Waking up!

Drenched and covered in my own sweat
Just a dream I’ll never forget
Calming down I’m visibly upset
Need to smoke a funky cigarette…

Breaking up I’m gonna roll me a fat one
No more sleeping till my meds are all done


Music written by Matt Grosse, Tom Dilliplane, James Rivera, Justin Brown Lyrics by Mark David Leads by Rob Covello (1:32 1:54, 6:42 7:09)

All Album and Lyric Artwork by Brittany Habelitz