What a waste of time
That "what if," provides
Choking on circumstance
Till the day I die
Just another day, fuck my life

The burden of guilt
Place the blame of our pledge over mind
Bound by honor, bound by blood
Paid for in gore they've poured
They all should learn
A beautiful fate here is what you'll find
Your death's but mild as compared to mine

Strike, maul, murder
Suffer for the sins surrounding you
There's no salvation, just regret

Killing for a price will save my life
There is no pressure
Before you die, look into my eyes

Spill your guts, you'll soon be gone
Blood is draining, won't be long
Take my hand, I'll lead you through
Death is my gift to you

Slowly removing the blade from deep within you
Disconnecting life from body is the only thing left to do
You should feel what I'm going through

Step into the light
What a crazy moment to be alive
At the time when you die
Betraying them cost your life

Tears welling up as my service is rendered
I free you from your debt
Exhausted I sob and feel relief 
And smile, for I've fulfilled my deed



Music written by Matt Grosse, Tom Dilliplane
Lyrics by Mark David, David Elliott III
Leads by Rob Covello – (1:19 - 2:08, 2:12 - 2:16, 2:21 - 2:26)

Hornet Art by Brittany Habelitz, Cover Design by David Elliott III