Look at what we’ve become
Take a look at what we’ve achieved
Past mistakes we’ve learned from
A point you’d probably never perceive

Paranoid and trepid from our shared existential harmony

To cry’s a waste of time
Your tears are not worth their salt
Dismiss the notion, it’s no one’s fault at all

The steps that we’re taking, the ones that you’re not
Inside your desert crater your dreams start to rot

We are determined, we’ll write our own story

Wandering through the valley, to the canyon I did roam
Follow the bricks and stones to the lights of where I am from

We tear apart and rebuild
Sorrow reborn an entity
A silent beauty who weeps for me
Fuck your insecurities

Now moving on, prove them all wrong, my will is strong
Refuse to accept this contention
To admit defeat proves I’m weak
Fuck that bullshit!

Feel the time burning, drifting slow
Seconds turn to ash, watch the flame grow
(Watch it grow!)

Sorry I believed the lie, conception from demise
Why can’t fate be indifferent? It likes to hurt and demean
We’re going to keep this from a fictional life
Have to believe to be seen

Watch as you pick up your pieces, you’re forced to start again
Seven and ten more times? A dozen or so more till the end?
They fill the void as they’re crossing over
Souls of infinite blue into a peaceful moment again…



Music written by Matt Grosse, Tom Dilliplane, James Rivera
Lyrics by Mark David, David Elliott III

Hornet Art by Brittany Habelitz, Cover Design by David Elliott III