I see no beauty in perfection
Casting stones inside of walls of glass
I see the nature in the flaws
Embracing what they cast aside

And so I run away from all I know
Hoping to hide from the light of truth
I cower away, I try and say 
That I don't belong in this noose
But they never accepted me for who I was
And now I would kill for the chance
To escape from this odd reality
Caught in happenstance

I see no beauty in perfection

Sands will shift through the desert of your mind
And you will forget the darkness you cause
But I exist to remind you, 
Making sure that nothing will blind you,
I am life

I see no beauty in perfection
Just natural selection
And it just begs the question...
What is the lesson?
I need your confession
Through nature’s selection 
Once again I’ll ask the question
Will you give me an answer?
What is the lesson?

Scream it for me!
Tell me what I need to hear!

I need to feel the pulse of the city
Beating through the winds of change
I need to know what the point is
I need to know
Do I exist in vain?

I see no beauty in perfection

Through the moments suffering!



Music written by Matt Grosse, Tom Dilliplane
Lyrics by David Elliott III
Leads by Rob Covello – (1:01 - 1:31, 2:07 - 2:38)

Hornet Art by Brittany Habelitz, Cover Design by David Elliott III